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Frequently asked questions



  • What is the concept of the work?
    The concept is to break the cycle of poverty so children have a fighting chance at a productive life.

  • How is this accomplished?
    Livelihood skills are taught (sewing, baking, knitting) and the products are sold to generate a source of income for the women and their families. Children are taught values training to become productive members of society. Educational assistance is provided to provide school uniforms, school supplies, school projects and transportation cost to ensure children are attending classes.

  • How is the work sustained financially?
    Friends and individuals that have a heart for this work help sustain what is being accomplished. We are not supported by any single source or sending agency. We are independently operated and sustained.

  • How can we Partner with you?
    The work is enabled by individuals who have a heart for this mission. There are no corporate sponsors which gives us the freedom to meet direct needs as we encounter them as we serve in the third-world field. Contributions are tax deductible and are applied to sustain the work locally. Contact todd.caplinger@gmail for details on how you can partner with this outreach.