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Through your partnership we are able to meet real needs in the lives of real people!

Below we share with you real stories of meeting real needs in the lives of real people.

Real Needs
Real Needs

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Upon arrival he saw his wife and newborn child then said "now I must die" and he passed away leaving Ging with a newborn child and three other daughters to raise in the impoverished mountain area.

With the help of partners we are able to assist Ging and her children with a monetray allowance each month for a period of one year to enable her to heal from the cesserian, the tragedy of losing her husband and the daunting task of taking care of four children with no source of income or assistance.

Our hope is that Ging and her family will move forward and with the help of One Way Philippines the cycle will be broken.

Please Help Me ...
Please Help Me ...

The father approached me this morning in the mountains and said he could not afford bandages and medicine for the wounds on his son and asked if we could help.

We are blessed that partners of this work send boxes of medical supplies, ointments, pain reliever and other practical items.

This is why ...

Those that we serve simply cannot afford basic first aid items and they seek us for assistance.

We are able to meet real needs in the lives of real people because of those that come along side of us.

They thank you ... we thank you!